Richmond Golf Club hopes free lessons will bring the ladies back

By Conor Hickey
Hawkesbury Gazette, Fairfax Media

RICHMOND Golf Club is hoping to turn around a decline in women players by giving free lessons to ladies who want to play golf.

Ladies club captain Carolyn Lozier said women members were not quitting golf, they were simply retiring and moving away from the Hawkesbury.

However, she is hopeful free lessons might encourage some fresh members to join up to the club.

The Hawkesbury’s Rachel Doyle has been taking advantage of the lessons, and said she had really enjoyed them.

“It has been really valuable for someone like me, who doesn't have a clue how to play golf and I've really enjoyed it,” she said.

“This is our last lessons which is a bit sad but we'll still come and have a hit and a giggle every now and then.”

Lozier said the next round of free lessons would be in September.

“We invite the ladies to come to try golf,” she said.

“They learn to swing the club, putt, chip and play the game.

“Golf is not that difficult of a game. It is a very small target but once you actually get the concept of a swing, it is just about taking part and practising and getting better.”

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