FootGolf Finds Home at Richmond Golf Club

By Conor Hickey,
Hawkesbury Gazette, 12 July 2017

FOOTGOLF has found a home in the Hawkesbury at the Richmond Golf Club. Footgolf is essentially golf played with a soccer ball and using ones leg instead of clubs. Many clubs are hesitant to let this new form of golf be played at their club, as Richmond’s Brad Holst – an Australian footgolf representative – has attested toThe Gazette in the past.
However, Richmond has decided to embrace the new sport and hosted about 40 children from the Richmond Ex-Servicemens Soccer Club and Colo Soccer Football Club on Thursday, July 6 for a round. “We have been working with FootGolf Australia to create a 9 hole course that is interesting and challenging
and that will suit players of all ages and skill levels,” a Richmond Club spokesperson said.
“The course will be fully accredited and will be able to host national and international competitions held throughout the year.“ Richmond Golf Club will be one of only four golf courses in the Sydney area that hosts the rapidly growing sport.”
Brad Holst played for Australia last year in the Asian Cup. When The Gazette originally met Holst last year,
he said it was a shame the closest course that allowed Footgolf was at Werrington. Holst said he was stoked Richmond had decided to host Footgolf after lobbying all the major courses in the Hawkesbury to consider it. “It was a long process but I am glad it has finally got out here so we have a course to have a local community to use,” he said.
Holst said it was a pretty good course for Footgolf. “I have had a couple of games there. It wasn't too
bad. I haven't played much because it has been wet,” he said. “I have to admit it is a nice course. There are a couple of holes that a heartbreakers. I think the fourth around the water, if you overestimate how far you can kick the ball you'll definitely end up in the drink.
“There are one or two others which look easy but you end up being one or two over par.”
Holst said Footgolf was a great sport, because it was not physically demanding. “It doesn't take up your entire day. When I used to play outdoor soccer, you had to train to avoid injuries, but with this you can grab a couple of mates and it takes about an hour,” he said.
“It can be a nice little social event to go out with your friends and enjoy yourself. I like to be a little bit more
competitive too and that is fine, you can do that as well.”
FootGolf Australia president Leonardo Fernandez said he was also happy Richmond would host Footgolf.
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